Editing an Existing/Saved Preset

I wanted to create a custom preset to rotate AND zoom in text, and after some time I got the rotation portion to my liking, but I forgot to complete the zoom in portion, and saved the preset. I now want to go back into that preset and make the necessary changes to the zoom portion and save the changes.

How can I go about this as I cannot find any way on Shotcut itself and cannot find any videos, posts, or articles around this (assuming it’s even possible)?

And just my luck, after posting this question, I found the answer by mistake. So to edit a preset further after saving it, go to the options in the top right section above the video previewer/player (whatever you want to call it), and there’s those option Logging, Editing, FX, Color, Audio and Player. If you select the item in your timeline that has the preset/effect you want to edit, and then select FX above the video player, it will show you the effect and allow you to modify it.

Hi @NoviceEditor

Maybe I don’t fully understand your problem…
You don’t need to switch to the FX layout to edit a filter.
On the Editing layout, you can simply select the clip in the timeline, and go to the Filters panel.

Then you can edit the parameters of the filters, and re-save the preset…

In case that panel is hiding in your current layout click Filters in the main toolbar. This only opens the panel if closed or switches to the tab if it is not the top in a stack of tabs. It does not close the panel if it is already open.

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