Editing a recording of a lecture

I would like to edit the video recording of a lecture afterwards by adding a still image over a few seconds at the beginning and end. But also in between the full screen of a presentation slide should fade over the speaker without losing the sound of the speaker. Is Shotcut the right tool for this?

Shotcut does have the capabilities to do this how ever if you do not want to download new applications there are some free editing tools already on you computer which can do this too.

iMovie is on mac devises. iMovie easy to use, videos are moved along automatically and sound can be adjusted. However adding text on iMovie is harder then in shotcut and in shotcut you can get a sound to fade in and out easily using filters. I am unsure if iMovie can do this

Power Direct can usually be found on other devices and also is easy to use. Again I am not sure if sound can fade in or out, but it might have those capabilities. Power Direct also has a premium package which you have to pay for, I personally usually find this annoying as I don’t like having to pay for extra features. Shotcut doesn’t have this.

On the other hand you might also have audacity on your computer so if these applications cant change the sound the way you want to you can always use audacity and then proceed to add the video images on the previous application.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Power Direct is not one of them, and PowerDirector is not free.

Yes. Shotcut can do all of these things. It is relatively simple to achieve what you are asking for. You don’t need to learn and mess about with different applications, it can all be done in Shotcut.

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