Editing a 24 fps film with an other film at 16 fps

Is it possible to edit a 24 fps film with an other fil at 16 fps (put one after the other) on the same movie? I am wondering what would be the Export parameter (fps)?

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The fps in Export will be whatever you set the Video Mode as. If you set the Video Mode to Automatic then it will be whatever was the fps of the first video you brought in.

So the second one video will be at 24 fps instead of 16 fps? Will this cause a picture quality problem when we go to watch the movie?

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Salut André
You shouldn’t see a difference when the 16fps video is converted to 24fps.
But don’t take my word for it. You can quickly test it yourself.

Create a project and set the video mode to match the properties of your 24fps video (1920x1080 24fps for example) and then import your two videos in the timeline. Cut your videos to leave only a few seconds of each one and then export. You’ll be able to watch the result and see if there’s a lost of quality.

The concern with 16fps is that some of its frames will have to be duplicated to convert it up to 24fps. But not all frames can be duplicated evenly because that would produce 32fps. So there will be an uneven cadence of duplication that could make motion appear to stutter.

If this happens, try the Convert to Edit-Friendly feature, drop down the Advanced area, and do a frame rate override to 24fps with the Blend method. This style of conversion to 24fps should preserve motion a little better if needed.

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