Edited video is larger than original video

Hello Everyone. I’ve got an mp4 file that is a Skype for Business video and audio recording. The original file size is 154MB. I needed to remove 3 minutes from the very beginning of the video, which I was able to do. But after exporting it in the mp4 video format, the resulting file is 640MB in size. And after I uploaded the edited file to a Sharepoint site, when I clicked on the file to view it, I only heard audio, there was no video. I downloaded the file from Sharepoint, double clicked on it, and both audio and video played as I would expect.

Anyone have any idea how I can resolve these issues?


we need more details, what is the input and output resolutions, bitrate, codecs?

1)The original file size is 154MB … the resulting file is 640MB in size
I suspect your output resolution is larger than the original. like if the original was 320x200 and you made a 1280x720 output…

  1. clicked on the file to view it, I only heard audio, there was no video
    wild guess: audio codec not supported by the Sharepoint player. I am assuming there is such a thing. or maybe browser’s player. which I would think is IE or whatever MS’s new browser is called.

  2. downloaded the file from Sharepoint… audio and video played
    Is it the same file as you uploaded, or did Sharepoint re-encode it? If the file size is the same, I would assume it is the same file.