Edited video boxed in and stretched when posted to social media

I had a video that is H:1080 V:1440
I put it into Shotcut and set the project to the same pixel dimensions
Then after editing some music onto the video clip I exported it selecting the ‘YouTube’ format which is an MP4.
When I uploaded the video to various social media, it displayed in weird ways.
On Tiktok it had very wide boarders all around it.
On Facebook it’s stretched.
It uploaded to Instagram but doesn’t appear in my content.
I’ve looked at it on iPad, Android Pixel 3 and Windows PC with Chrome and it’s weird on all of them.
What am I doing wrong? Is here a different output format or size I need?

Edit: I can only post one pic at a time due to being a new member so I did two replies showing two other screen shots.

I can only upload one screen shot per post so I’ll add more in replies.
This is the details of the video I edited in shotcut.

And this is how it looks on a phone screen on tiktok or other social media apps.

Could you please provide some more information from your Shotcut project.

  1. What are the Resolution & Aspect Ratio settings of your Video Mode?
    (Click on Output, then Properties)

  2. What is the Resolution of your source video?
    (Click on the clip, then Properties)

My source video is 1080 x 1440 at 29.52fps
When I created the job I chose those settings.
I thought it would just export it as the same.
So I just chose ‘YouTube’ as an export mode as I knew that exports as mp4 so would be compatible with most systems.
I didn’t save the job but just recreated it.
I didn’t know I have to set the output.
As you can see by the screen shot, it has it at 1280 x 720, 50fps and 16:9 aspect ratio
I assume I edit this to make it back to the original

resolution, fps and aspect ratio?

You need to create a custom Video Mode. This is your first step.
Make the Aspect Ratio the same as the Resolution, and set your FPS to match the source video.
The name field is only needed if you wish to save the settings, otherwise, this can be blank.

No need to change anything in the export settings.


Frame export

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Well that worked :slight_smile:
Tank you so much for taking the time to show me.
It’s good to know humans are still better than ChatGPT.
I had no idea you could use a pixel dimension as an aspect ratio. I guess it’s makes sense as it’s also just a description of H & V.
It seems to have output well.
I’m posting to various social media such as Tiktok, insta, Twittter, FB etc. I don’t know about the others yet but Insa only has three aspect ratios of 1:1, 9:16 or 16:9
I guess I’d have to export a version for each and it would be a chance of if I want black bars on the sides or top or if I want part of the video cropped by the app I upload it to.
If I choose the aspect ratio of the app rather than of the video file, will that just put black bars on either the top or sides (hopefully not both) to make sure all the video is shown?

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Just for the record, In most cases you don’t absolutely need to use the same values as the project dimensions.

Your 1080x1440 clip has a 3:4 aspect ratio, so you can use 3 and 4 as the preset’s aspect ratio instead of 1080 and 1440.

If your clip have weird dimensions, like 1236 x 892 for example, the aspect ratio is 309:223. So it’s obviously easier to use the clip’s dimensions in that case.

By the way, there is a nice web page that helps a lot when you need to find out the aspect ratio of a video clip or of an image. I use it quite often.

Thanks that’s really cool.
This one was an animated reveal of my children’s book cover so it was the dimensions of the book.
But most will be videos for social media So Whatever is in the video or the video size, I will be outputting at the dimensions best for those apps which means accepting some level of black bars. Or maybe I can put my own frame around the video.

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