Edit Shotcut.conf file

Hi. I am very proud to use this software. I am very very satisfied because I am a CUDA user. Ok I ned some suggestions to editing the setting file: shotcut.conf. It is very hard to understand due the elements in it. I would like to choose only one encoder: h264_nvenc. It is my only one used encoder. I will not use other because I am not interested to produce something else than a simple mp4 in h.264. I made the right ffmpeg settings and I compiled everything for LinuxMint 19. It is fast and very very stable!! But everytime I need to choose the encoder that is by default: libx264. I don’t need that one I use only one codec. I would like to change the default encoder to my desired one. Could you please send some suggestions? I did not changed the file because for me is not understandable. Thanks.

There is no way to set a preferred default codec. Make a custom preset that includes only the line vcodec=h264_nvenc and click that every time. You can include other lines in the preset, but you can also include only the most minimal changes from defaults like that.

The web site page Configuration Keys includes information about all of the configuration items in Shotcut.conf.

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