Edit project in Shotcut on W10 and Linux. Is it possible?

I’m having some trouble getting Shotcut started. I also have problems with other software (Inkscape, GIMP). It seems to be something related to the W10 updates but I’m not sure. There were 4 security intelligence definition updates in a row today. I don’t know why, but this influences the startup of some software.
So all day today I couldn’t start any project.
I wonder if it is possible to continue a Shotcut project started on W10, on a Linux distribution (I hear a lot about Linux Mint).
Is this possible? What requirements are necessary regarding the location of files within the project folder?
I’m preparing an external disk to install Linux to test how it works.
I don’t intend to remove W10, but I do want to have an alternative.
Thank you in advance for your help and advice.

Can you please post your exact Windows version using winver?

Yes, it works. The Missing Files dialog that appears when Shotcut cannot locate the files is your friend. It not only helps to fix the project for the new paths, it can help you identify files that have not yet copied. I recently found and fixed a bug when porting projects that use HTML-based filters from Windows to a non-Windows system. Those are supposed to be repaired automatically, but they will appear in the Missing Files dialog. Simply locate them in your new installation, but that will be very challenging if you are using Flatpak or AppImage as these are too confined. Snap or the portable tar versions of Shotcut are the way to go. Avoid using the packaged version of Shotcut.

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Windows 10 Home
Version 2004
Compilation 19041.388
Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2202.130.0

I will read these instructions carefully, and when I am ready I will try a simple project.
I’ll try to follow this advice.
I’m glad this is possible. Thank you very much, Dan. :+1:

After some problems with my keyboard (which is not compatible-I used my son’s computer keyboard), I managed to run Shotcut in Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS.
I have the habit of including all the media of a project in its folder (and subfolders). I copied the project folder from my W10 devices to my folder in Ubuntu.
Then I opened the project and it worked perfectly (I installed Ubuntu Studio on an external hard drive for testing and it still worked very well)
I even copied the proxy file folder, and they were recognized without a problem. :smiley:
This is great. :heart_eyes:


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Once I checked that it is possible to open a Shotcut project (Windows 10) in Ubuntu Studio, the next step was to do the reverse test.
I created several simple and short projects in Shotcut (Ubuntu Studio), saved them to an external hard drive and there was no problem opening that project in Shotcut from Windows 10.

It is very important to have a folder structure where the media files are inside the project folder. This greatly simplifies organization.

Another thing to keep in mind is the issue of text fonts. If we use a font (for example decorative) in W10 we will have to install that same font in Ubuntu.

I didn’t need to enable the audio jack option (for low latency) in Ubuntu Studio because I’m not recording with a microphone in real time. I just used audio music tracks.

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