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In many of my older forum threads, although anybody can add replies, I can’t edit my own original post.
I suppose there is a reason for that, but it’s not very convenient if, for example, I need to add an upgraded version of a file shared in that post.

I could upload the new file in a reply at the end of the thread, on course. But if there are already many comments, most visitors won’t bother to read them, so they’ll never be aware that there is a new file available.

So I wonder if you (admin) have a way to disable that forum feature, and of course if you are willing to do it :wink:

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In certain categories only the threads close after some number of days. I think this prevents your edits. Sometimes I see old threads that did not close (before the policy was configured) are a target for spam. Keep in mind most spam does not get through to being published because it is flagged automatically and requires approval to be published. I guess I can turn off automatic closure, but I think it is noisy when someone replies to something old and no longer relevant because it is so version sensitive. Keep in mind I suspect there are only a few people of thousands of users who will want to edit a very old post.

I am in favor of keeping the automatic closure. Sometimes I see someone create a new post and reference an old closed post. This is a good way to kind of “start over” on a topic if it is still relevant, but some details have changed (Shotcut UI, resources, etc). Also, the forum automatically adds a link at the bottom of an old post when you link to it from a new post. So, if people find the old closed topic, they will find the link to the new topic.

No it’s ok.
I guess one workaround would be to create a brand new post, with the new file and a link to the original thread for all the infos and instructions.

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