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I have a ton of lag after adding countless filters, would it be ok to save (export) the video and continue editing? Would it harm the video to do this once or maybe twice?

If you know other ways to reduce preview lag please let me know. I have a lot of ideas and effects to add, but its get harder with the lag

The video is for youtube im not sure if shotcut compress the video after i set the youtube size and resolution

@bentacular Made this video explaining what you are wanting to do.



Not exactly harm, but it would degrade the quality after several exports, due to compression. But you can use lossless profiles to prevent that.

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Proxies are your best friend
Here is an example with some 4K test video, my computer is to slow to handle, but with proxies it work without a problem.
The first time you activate proxies, it takes some time because shotcut need to generate 1080x720p edit friendly version of your source video files, but after that is works very fine.

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I’m with TimLau on this - proxies are the way to ease the stress on you resources and speed up editing time. I use 960x540 proxies. Just set proxies on in the settings menu, drop some files in the playlist and go get a cup of coffee. When you return, the files in the playlist will indicate that they are proxies.

One thing though, I don’t find that shotcut automatically deletes these files when you’re done with your project, and though smaller, they do add up. In my windows system I have a desktop icon linked to the folder they’re stored in and every once in a while I open it and clean out all the proxies dated before today. You’ll find that if you missed or forgot something, if you put the original file back in the playlist, and the proxie still lives, it will automatically be linked and useable.


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Thx for responding rpetrie

Can i use proxy on a existing project? Or would i need to make and a new projekt and drop in the files

Yes, You can enable proxies on a existing project

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