Edit brightness only on top part of video

I want to reduce the brightness of the top half section of the video and the bottom half should be having the same brightness of original video. Is it possible to do that with some gradient filter on shotcut

There is indeed a Gradient filter and it would be perfect for this task.

Set the blend mode to Overlay. For the color endpoints: black will darken, middle gray causes no change, and white will lighten. In your case, use light black to middle gray. For the bounding box over the video, the vertical height controls the gradient location while the horizontal width controls the rotation (angle) of the gradient. It may be necessary to type “1” in the first Size box to get a gradient level with a flat horizon. The Offset slider changes the softness of the edge. It ranges from smooth gradient to hard-edge line.

For an even darker gradient, use the Burn blending mode and set the gradient colors from almost white (darkens image) to pure white (no change).

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Thanks for the answer… There was a gradient filter, but wasn’t sure how to use it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! Shotcut is powerful than I thought it would be!

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I’m not finding the correct “grey color” for the no changes area. Setting it to the middle grey is not helping. So I made it more lighter grey and that helps, but I feel like, even that is changing the original saturation to the lower side. So can’t get it to the original “color” with any greys. Any tips here? Thanks

Nevermind… I figured out. I needed to use the grayscale slider to 50 %… it works!

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