Edit a project clip as a source


i’m new to shotcut.
Given a clip in my timeline, I would like to edit it as a source. So far, I didn’t find how to do it. Also, I would like the changes done in the source mode affect the clip on the project.
As a side note, how can we select duration/entry-out point with ms instead of seconds + frames?


Use the copy timeline to source function.


Changes done in the source viewer will not affect the timeline.

Uhm. So how do you edit clips more precisely? For example, I would like to have a clip of a fixed length and being able to see what after/before in the clip without dragging and try :frowning:

You can open your clip in the source viewer. Trim it to the section you want. Add filters to that section, preview how it plays, then either drop it on the timeline, or add it to the playlist to use later.

Trimming is done with the i and o keys to set in and out points.

@sauron I do not think this (Copy Timeline to Source) is what he wants. Rather, simply select the timeline clip, choose Copy (timeline toolbar or Edit menu or keyboard shortcut), switch player to Source.

This is simply not possible. You can overwrite the old clip from what is in Source, or you can remove (ripple delete) the old clip and insert/paste what is in source. Also, it is possible to trim the selected timeline clip inward using ‘i’ and ‘o’ shortcuts or turn on ripple mode to trim outward by dragging the clip’s trim handles.

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