Edit a Clip in Source should directly change it in Timeline

To edit a clip you can copy the clip so that it get into the Source - and then you can insert/overwrite it to the project again.

It would be more convenient, if the changes, e.g. setting different in and out times, in the source tab would directly change the clip in the timeline.

Additionally, for this it would be great to have the source and the project tab separated, so that one can arrange them next to each other for a better overview.

No it should not. Sorry, rejected.

Maybe I didn’t understand the program yet completely.

What of the program’s philosophy of how to interact with it, is against that suggestion?

Maybe you need to learn about trimming and splitting in the timeline. You can trim inward using keyboard shortcuts as well (including with ripple).

I know, already used. But mostly to make the clip shorter.

My idea of using it out of the Source is because in the Source you have a better overview of the original clip - what comes before In, what comes after Out. This would make it much easier to extend a clip since you can see the original at a glance.

Possibly there can be a feature added that to open a timeline clip in a new player tab called something like Trimmer. Then, when the clip is de-selected the Trimmer closes.

Sounds good and could really help.

(But I still don’t get, why the Source could not not just be used for the exact same purpose.)