Echo reduction

I recently had to remove some echo from a video clip I shot, I was able to do it by cutting all the video, exporting the audio reducing it with the noisegate filter for audacity and then bringing my audio back in, however I was curious if there was a way to import the noisegate plugin( into shotcut somehow? Or it it could be put on the roadmap somewhere down the line, perhaps there’s a way to translate the .ny plugin into something shotcut understands as a filter?

There are other plugins besides nyquist, like ladspa or lv2.

That would be great but .ny plug-ins are Nyquist commands written in either LISP or SAL.
Neither of which are supported by Shotcut.

Shotcut also does not support VST plug-ins, not sure about Ladspa or LV2.

I only brought up the nyquist plugin specifically since it was the one I used(and it worked well) conceptually I’d be 100% onboard with anything that had the same end result.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Nyquist and the ability to easily write or modify plug-ins without
having to worry about all the added overhead required with VST, Ladspa and the like.

If SC could support ny, it would be really great, but realistically the chances of that are pretty much zero.

LADSPA, libavfilter, and SoX audio effects are already available in MLT and Shotcut. The difficulty is to find one and integrate it into the build for all platforms. For LADSPA, Shotcut currently only includes the Steven Harris (SWH) collection.
I am not sure how difficult it would be to extract nyquist from Audacity into a library of its own to integrate with various plugin or filter APIs.

Actually the inclusion of LADSPA may be the answer, it looks like there’s a plugin in the SWH collection with similar intent to the noisegate nyquist filter I used in audacity. <this is what I used <SWH has 2 different gate filters that should perform similarly(they expose all the same options) but I don’t see in the existing audio filters unless they’ve been renamed? < suggested default settings for an echo reduction preset

“gate, 1410” is included in the Shotcut runtime. It simply does not yet have a UI file to list it. I will try to add it for the next version. A contribution is welcome here as well as I will not get around to it in the next two weeks.

I added a Noise Gate filter for the next version 19.12