ECG - Heartbeat videos

@ken-wawa recently posted about the possibility of creating a heartbeat/ECG type of effect. I responded with a link to an ECG-like video that a few people (@Yogi included) liked.

It was OK but not the best, so I gave it some thought, downloaded an actual ECG dataset from the web, wrote a javascript program to massage the data and display it in an HTML canvas and then added some animation. I then played it as as a “browser source” in OBS and recorded it. I then fed it into shotcut, tidied it up and created 2 videos (see below):

  • an MP4 (1MB) showing the ECG as a green trace on a black background;
  • a MOV (100MB!) showing the ECG as a green trace on a transparent background.

Feel free to use them in your projects. P.S. The flatlining at the end is my invention, the patient being monitored did not die.


Nice work @elusien. Never would have thought of producing that with HTML. Ingenious …