Easy Text Overlay

The old way. See below for a much easier way.

  1. Split the clip in two places

  2. Add text to the portion of the video between the two splits.

This is nice and quick and will cause the text overlay to pop on and off. It is handy if you have a lot of titles to add.

My question is, is there a way to make the text appear more gracefully instead of simply popping on and off? I’ve tried applying fade in and fade out to the middle clip which contains the text but no joy.

Ideas ???

No. Any filters applied to the video will act on the video and the text.
Use a transparent clip with text, over the video to fade the text.


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The only option is with Keyframes.

Probably not as quick as simply popping the titles in and out.

Key frames don’t really make the text appear and disappear gracefully.

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The one-track concept can be easily be accomplished.
You just may not like the results.
Perhaps it’s time to add another video track to accomplish a better looking video.

Everything is better with Shotcut.

Here is the seven-step procedure I use to achieve this effect in Shotcut:

  1. Open a video file and drag it to the timeline (V1).

  2. Create a second video track (V2). Mute audio on this track.

  3. Moving from right to left, split video on track 1 in two places.

  4. Copy the middle clip of the three clips now on track 1 to the clipboard. BE CAREFUL NOT TO MOVE THE PLAY HEAD!

  5. Select the track header of track 2 and paste the clipboard contents into track 2. The paste operation will align the beginning of the clip with the play head. The original and copy should line up and be in sync.

  6. Click on the clip you have just pasted into track 2 and add your text filter.

  7. Add the video fade-in and fade-out filters to this clip. IMPORTANT: Be sure to check the “Adjust opacity instead of fade with black” boxes on both the fade-in and fade-out filters.

It seems you do not know Open Other > Text. This avoids the need to split the video and mute the audio. Once you have added your filters to this text clip, you can copy and paste the text clip for the additional titles. I do not dispute it could be easier. Or, you can leave the text clip open in Source, edit the text in its filter, position the play head, paste, switch back source, and repeat.

I loaded my video, added a second track and applied Open Other -> Text. White text appeared on a black background with “background color” given as Transparent.

That’s the way it is. The black is really transparent.:smiley:

That’s the way Shotcut works. You’re still viewing the transparency while in the Source viewer. And will not change in the Source viewer.

Drag it to the track above to see the text.

Before adding to project (in Source), if you want black text, pick any color & make your text options.
After you’re done (in Source), go to Properties, click Color, change Alpha Channel to 0 (Zero).shotcut_2019-09-25_02-52-56
Drag to the timeline (on a layer above).

OK it works now, thank you.

The background video doesn’t appear until the text is actually dragged from the preview window to the second track (V2).

This is a big step forward in Shotcut’s functionality for me, avoiding all that copying and pasting and aligning tracks as it does.

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  1. Open a video file and drag it to the timeline (V1).

  2. Add text using Open Other -> Text. Text will appear in the preview window over a black background.

  3. Create a second video track (V2).

  4. Drag text from the preview window to V2. Background video will now be visible.

  5. Add video fade-in and fade-out filters. IMPORTANT: Be sure to check the “Adjust opacity instead of fade with black” boxes on both the fade-in and fade-out filters.

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