Easy Guide to split videos?

I’m new to Shotcut, i needed a program that allows me to take a long video (ex. movies) and split them in two different indipendent parts to save up on space and fix uploading size limits for many applications, is there an easy instruction set i could have?

Use a “cutter” app. Shotcut will cut an re encode.
It will take way more time…

know any free one?

Just search : Free " your format" video cutter or splitter.
format can be TS, MP4, Divx…

Don’t remember how it is to split, but I’ve used that for some stuff and was really good !

I’ve been trying out some other editors. I’ve not even opened this one, but in other experiences, I simply uploaded a clip twice and sized each side seperately

I don’t know if it’s the best option, but I like using Shotcut for splitting videos; it requires understanding the basic concepts of the timeline (which is pretty easy), and exporting (which is not so straightforward).

If you can get yourself relatively competent adding and splitting clips on the timeline,
post the specs of your source files and what you want to do with them and people will help you with export settings.

@Alexander Open Shotcut.
Load the file into the timeline.

Choose where you want to split it on the timeline, you’ll see a line. Hit ‘S’ on the keyboard. Select the part you want gone. Right click, Remove.

Export tab. Choose your settings, then Export File.

------------ Part 2 -----------------
Back to Timeline
Select the other half to delete. Right click, Remove.
Export tab. Choose your settings, then Export File.