Easier Way to Add a Transition?

This is possibly more far fetched than my other post on this tab, but is it possible to code a way to add a transition without sliding any videos? The way it might go is you put two videos next to each other, right click on the border of them and select an “Add a Transition” option. The time length of it would be chosen in settings and the video in front (along with everything else in front of it) would be moved back into the other one the time length chosen.

Again, this is just an idea and maybe coding this would be more difficult than I thought. It would make basic video editing easier along with my other suggestion.

If you want an alternative way to join two videos together, there is one. Add the desired two videos to the playlist, select them, select the item in the playlist menu - add selected as a slideshow. A window will appear where you can set the duration of the transition and its type. In the end, this will still create an “overlapping” video transition, but perhaps this method will be more convenient for you. I advise you to try, I often use this convenient feature.

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Wow, this really does look like what I’m looking for, just a quick follow up question. If you set the clip duration to your longest video, will all of every video be put in the slideshow? This is very important of coarse.

Yes, and can set it some arbitrary very high duration, and it will not artificially extend a video beyond its natural duration.