Early Preview for Shotcut Forum: How to Do the Bokeh Light Transition on Shotcut

I love the way anamorphic lenses look on cinematic videos and thought I can use them as an effect to transition from one anamorphic shot to another. Here’s utilizing the bokeh lights in the background as a transition effect


Cool effect! And +1 for a good pronunciation of bokeh lol.

I hope this doesn’t sound nit picky, but I’m sure someone else will bring it up if I don’t. Technically, there is nothing anamorphic about any of these shots. Anamorphic has tall oval bokeh, a widened field of view from the anamorphic element, bowed corners, and sometimes blue streaky lens flares. The sample video used by the tutorial is a straight-up spherical lens with a big aperture, the exact opposite of an anamorphic lens.

I totally get what you’re saying and the effect you’re going after. But if somebody is searching for an anamorphic effect on YouTube and finds this tutorial, but it does nothing to produce actual anamorphic effect, then the video might get bad feedback that may hurt the video’s recommendation potential by YouTube’s algorithm. Just trying to help you avoid dissatisfied customers. The name you used at the beginning “Bokeh Light Transition” is a perfect name and might make a more accurate video title.

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Great advice! I’ll change up the label

P.S. I’ve been practicing how to say “bokeh”

Haha, I know what you mean. I used to be a purist about it, but then got to thinking about other words like Nikon that I pronounce as NEIGH-khan instead of knee-cone. Why wasn’t I a purist there? So I don’t know where I land now. I don’t say BOW-kuh because that’s like not even trying haha. I think I’ve settled on bow-KEH for now, or bow-keh if I’m lazy. And I avoid advising anyone else how to pronounce it so my own laziness doesn’t get called out.

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When I was a professional graphic designer, I was more concerned about the terminology. Nowadays, I’m not so concerned. I don’t want to be douchey about it.

Another REALLY useful tutorial, and an imaginative way to make a transition. No wonder you’ve reached 571 subscribers with these tutorials. They are a boon to users! Keep it up please! :+1:

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Thank you Jonray! It took me a minute to come up with another transition. I’m glad they’ve been useful. It’s all about the growth of the Shotcut community!

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