Dynamically HighLighted Captions using shotcut

hope find help to know how make Dynamically Highlight Captions using shotcut?

1- attached image show what i mean by “Dynamically Highlight Captions”, when start search i did not know the term. but i find video show what i search for it using Apple Motion for Final Cut Pro. so from this video i know it called “Dynamically Highlight Captions”.

2- Explain what I’m trying to do:
i try make the text background color go through the caption word by word. let’s assume the caption is “adam smith 2023 new born”, so at the begin the background color appears behind “adam”, then hidden and appears behind “smith”, then hidden and appears behind “2023” and so on until appears behind “born” and all the caption hidden and new caption appears.

thanks in advance

Did you mean this? This is done very easily.


yes that’s it , what term i should use to find tutorial show the way?

1- I will add subtitles to the video
2- Each sentence will appear for five seconds
3- Will the rectangle move automatically within five seconds, or I will need to manually specify the period of its appearance behind each word?

  • The video I watched did the steps and from this steps created something (let’s say it a filter or template). After that, he can writes any number of sentences and just adds the filter to them in one step, so the animation is applied to all sentences.

There is no way in shotcut to automate what you are talking about. Everything that I showed in the video, I did by hand and it took me about 3-5 minutes to do it. But that’s 5 words, if your video has a lot more text, doing it all by hand can be tedious. Just keep in mind that shotcut does not yet have any built-in animation system for captions by words or letters, even creating a typewriter effect in shotcut can be long and rather tedious, while the “brother program” has this feature and turns on literally “in one click”. You can make a lot of great effects in shotcut, but everything will have to be done manually and for a long time.

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1- i new in video editing filed. just start using shotcut and CINELERRA-GG but can not find this option on them.
2- i make fast search about ( Lightworks, Vivia, Flowblade, Open Shot, LiVES, Avidemux, Pitivi) but can not find a way to do that using them.

3- i know it’s shotcut forum, but is there’s chance guide me to one of “brother program” that linux based?

thanks for your help

Kdenlive - this program implements “typewriter” animation. But to make such a highlight according to the words, as I showed on my video - you also have to do everything manually there, this functionality is also missing there, and to be honest, I don’t know even among paid programs where this is implemented out of the box. If you do the word highlighting animation manually, it seems to me that it is more convenient to do it in shotcut, thanks to a more minimalistic interface.

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i learn from your video (make it using fade-in, fade-out and image “blue rectangle image”). it work good, but i keep ask why you use crop-rectangle. in beginning think you use it to create the blue rectangle, but can not find way to do it. i keep think why use it, can please tell me the used of “crop-rectangle” in your video?

thanks in advance

Crop: Rectangle can be resized to make a rectangle the size you need (don’t forget to turn Padding color to transparent).
It also allows to make rounded corners.

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I used this technique simply because it was the most convenient, quickest and most obvious for me to do it. I just took a color layer and with the “crop rectangle” filter I made rounded squares. The same result can be achieved using for example glaxnimate, but it will take much more time, and I like not to waste time on trifles.

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many thanks for you help :heart: :heart:

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i do not judge you, i only try find what you used the crop rectangle for it(ask about the steps). many thanks foe your help :heart: :heart: :heart:

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