Dynamic zoom/position of images


Great software by the way!

I’m looking at a way of making some of my stills within a video a bit more dynamic. I’ve used Openshot in the past to dynamically zoom/change position of an image over a period of time.

I think this wiki page and video explain it better:

Is there any way of reproducing this with any of the filters in Shotcut?



Yes, I know very much about this effect and the need for it. It is waiting for the keyframing feature, which is on the road map. Other things have been taking priority. I want to avoid adding effect-specific animation features (for example, fade in/out) because generic keyframing will add a new dimension for almost all filters when available!


Yes, please do it. So Shotcut will be so much more professional. Dynamic Zoom would be a good titel for it.
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Looking forward to having this effect! I came here trying to find out how to do it. The software is so robust, I assumed it was already in there and I just didn’t know how to do it. :slight_smile:

This is still #1 on the roadmap and I suppose this is our most requested feature ^^ I also suppose it’s a feature that wouldn’t fall natural to od very soon. To add to those supposed statements this is probrably a strange place to announce it but I’m giving considerations to making a “video polish” program and share it here. For animated particles/transitions/filters/transforms etc as I often need them myself and would enjoy the challenge of playing around making it.While Shotcut will fulfill my every editing need in the long future to come, I still want cool customizable effects like circuit overlays, lasers/flames whatever. Becomes those are useful for cool stuff.

While at strange picks here’s 2 suggestions I thought of today while Shotcutting: Shortcuts that are customizable as well as other things. And labels on timeline. Like: “Character enters scene” here (3:44) or “Note the feet positions if changing start of clip” etc. Labels would be useful to me for notes or when I want to name a sub sections of a track. Time/frame stamps would add usability so you don’t need to split a clip when moving the cursor like you do now. Until clips can be merged anyway… if that’s planned ^^

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I agree that having dynamic zoom/position would be a great addition to the already excelent video edition capabilities of Shotcut. Sometimes I use other free non-linear video editor that has this capabilities for specific clips and then include them in the video project I’m editing with Shotcut.

I know this is far from being the best option but it’s something for all to consider. Since my needs are are less then 5% of the total video time, I continue to use Shotcut to edit my videos without having to exclude some special filters for some scenes.

Is there a workaround? I’m currently planning to choose an app to do my travel videos with added photos and I try to choose between Shotcut, Resolve and Hitfilm express. I’d really like to stay with Shotcut.

As far as I known you need keyframes which Shotcut doesn’t currently support. To do what you want you have to look elsewhere, some other program like kdenlive.

As workaround I guess using HTML5 will be possible?

Responding to this thread, though it’s a bit old, to state I also hope this feature will be in soon! I’ve been self-teaching myself Shotcut and really like it!

keyframable filter parameters

I’m looking forward to this, there’s already some work in some branch?

Hey Shotcut leader, this is an AWESOME program for first time content creators. A feature as simple as dynamic zoom can make a first timer look like a pro. This is great for the people, and will keep them from using other programs just for this feature. I know you have a to do list, but we would all love to see this in the near future :slight_smile: Goodluck on the keyframe work hopefully it gets done soon so we can all make even more awesome videos!

Thanks! Travis


I’ve just come across from VideoPad due to its license restrictions and have found ShotCut to be very good. But no dynamic zoom?! Please incorporate this feature soon as it’s a must for editing with stills.

Did you not read the posts above before posting?

Yes … my post is an affirmation to what has been commented on already.

OK, then you’ll know it’s top of the list on the road map. :+1:

Excellent. Does the road map have a timeline for release?

No, not at all.
At best it’s a prioritized list of intention as decided by the developer/s. I imagine it might even change at any time depending on the developers fancy and available time.
You could use Davinci Resolve 14. The free version does what you need.

Ok thanks for the heads up.

I’ve had a little play with Hitfilm Express which does dynamic zooming. Initially it’s quite confusing to use because for some things like zooming and adding text you have to do it in a ‘Composite Shot’ which is edited separately, but within the main timeline. One or two tutorials demystifies it very quickly.

this can help