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Hi there,
I have a question about the export function. I have cut a video and want to export it so that I can burn a DVD from it. Shotcut creates a single file from my project, which is much too big. For this, individual files would have to be stored that are no larger than 1 GB in order to be able to use them directly in a burning program. Can you set Shotcut for the export so that the files are not larger than 1GB?

regards Jörg

I assume that you want to create a Video-DVD which is playable on all normal Video-DVD-players.
If you use an DVD-preset Shotcut will produce an single *.vob-file. It is not possible to burn this file directly onto an DVD to get an Video-DVD which is playable on DVD-Players, even if the file is not larger than 1 GB.
To create a DVD-structure you also need an DVD-authoring software like the free open source tool “DVDStyler”. With this tool you also can create menus for discs which contain more than one movie.
However, when you render the movie with Shotcut you have to be careful that the file size of the movie does not exceed the total storage capacity of a DVD (4,7 GB). Also be careful that the used audio- and video-encoders conform to the Video-DVD-standard, otherwise the DVD-authoring-software would have to re-encode, which would result in a loss of quality.
For the first start I recommend to use an integrated preset of Shotcut and do not change any settings.


Hi there,
many thanks for the support. It works very well with the DVD Styler.
Regards Jörg

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