Duration of a still keeps resetting to 28:21

I’m a brand new Shotcut user, just got it yesterday to substitute Windows Movie Maker since that no longer exists. I like all the functions and options, but I’m running into a problem. I use video editor software to create animations, which requires a frame to be a certain length so it matches up with the audio. I’m trying to set the duration of a certain still image to 1.696 seconds. However, when I try to change the duration, for some reason, the duration keeps resetting to 28.21 seconds. First off, that’s an oddly specific number, but secondly, that is obviously not the correct duration. As soon as I hit “enter” it changes to 28:21, if I hit Set Default it goes to 28:21. Am I missing a step somewhere? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I think this is a bug at present in the current build. Setting duration for a still image isn’t working for me either, it just defaults back to the current default value. So this is an issue to fix in the current build, if you try using a older revision it should be working correctly however.

You can however still manual drag an image via the timeline to increase its size, then you’ll just have to crop it down to the length you want another work around would be to change the default value to the time you need when you import the image.

Hopefully they will fix this for the next build.

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