Duplication of SPR presets in drop-down list

In the SPR preset list, I have a duplicate of every preset. Version 22.01.30. Weird.

I checked the preset folder :
and took a screen capture of the folder:

Could this have happened upon updating SC without uninstalling the previous version, I wonder?

It doesn’t show me that problem, I have installed newer versions without deleting the older several times. I mean I do that everytime.

It works fine for me.

I am able to duplicate this issue.

The duplicate filters update (Date modified) to the second SPR is selected.
This happens every time SPR is selected.

Windows 10 Home 21H2 19044.1503
GeForce 511.79
Display Method: Open GL
Video Modes tested with: 720p 60fps & 1080p 60fps
Preview Scaling: None
Proxy: Off
shotcut-log - Copy.txt (33.2 KB)

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Thanks, @Hudson555x. @Ar_D , are you on Windows? W10 for me.

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Il me semble que @Shotcut a déjà répondu que c’était normal pour des raisons de compatibilité du fichier “Preset” avec les anciennes versions.

It seems to me that @Shotcut has already answered that this is normal for reasons of compatibility of the “Preset” file with older versions.

No, not currently. But I have never got this problem when I was on windows. Even I don’t face this problem now on the mac.

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Can you provide a link to that discussion?


Thanks @namna for this link. I missed this information when it was posted a year ago. (Actually nearly two years)!

Merci @namna pour ce lien. J’ai raté cette information lorsqu’elle a été publiée il y a un an.

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