Duplicate Warning in Playlist


Suggestion: Show a warning message if one adds a clip to the playlist which is already there.

Could improve in a playlist project not to have some duplicate clips in it. Especially helpful, if you add new clips from a folder from which already some clips have been taken

Since it is only a warning, it is not blocking to do otherwise.


It is intentional that you can add a clip more than once for sub-clips or different filtering options.

I know, I know. However, it would be great to have this warning since I often drag&drop videos from one folder and I don’t know which clips I have already in the playlist.

Good idea and simple to implement! I do need this feature, too!

If a warning appears then people will think they are doing something wrong when it is not wrong. This will never be accepted even if contributed.


It is a playlist like in spottily, you are able to add the same song 10 times in a row if you want to by design.

So a warning is not appropriate, because it is not a error.

You can use it as a bin of source media, but it more than that

It would be great to have that, optional in the settings if more appropriate for you.

In a playlist project where you only want to have the clips in there once, it could really help the experience.

I think a good solution (for me) would be the following:
If a video from the playlist is used once on the timeline a little green check mark is displayed together with the thumbnail in the playlist. If the video is used twice or more a little yellow (or any other colour) check mark is displayed.
So the user has feedback on which of the clips have already been used and which have not been used yet, and if it is not ok that clips have been used more than once, you can see that right away.

I never made a Playlists project, so maybe I’m missing something here. But in my opinion the solution to your problem looks simple: Better project management.

For example, if I’d want to avoid duplicates in my Playlist, I’d do this:

  • In my project directory: Create a dedicated folder just for the media files used in the project.
  • Transfer all files to the Project Playlist.
  • If later I need to add new files to my Media folder, I’d add them immediately to the Playlist as well.
  • If one (or more) of the new files I add is already in the Media folder, the operating system would warn me.


Does that make sense, or is there something more to consider in a Playlist project?

You’re right but I’m not always as good and careful as you. To help people like me, you already agreed in my post ("Shotcut to know file used in a project ") that it might be useful to know if a file is still used or not. (for example click on the file in the playlist and see if and where it is used or and/or click on an item in the timeline to see the corresponding item in the playlist). Do you always think it could be useful? Is it even feasible?
Thank you

I think there is a confusing Bug in the playlist limiting the usability. In detail view it drag & drop, add to timeline and so on does work as expected. In the icon view you have to double click the item before drag and drop or add it to timeline. With the double click it is moved to the internal player and only this is item is dropped or added to the timeline.

I have my pictures and video shots sorted on my NAS in different folders.

  • vacation A
  • vacation B
  • day trip A
  • day trip B
  • family general
  • family member A
  • family member B

I use the files directly out of those folders to avoid redundancy.

The workflow is that my cameras upload data to a central folder on the NAS and I sort them into the above mentioned folders - occasionally, but not all videos at once. So I cannot limit the newly sorted videos by date.

I sort the videos in the folder and afterwards I have to know out of the folders which are already in Shotcut and which aren’t.

A simple duplicate information could help me so much.

One other use case: my wife, my daughter and myself film during holidays with smartphones and camera.

So I start with putting the clips from me first into the playlist project and some days later the clips from wife and daughter are copied from camera to NAS. Since the filename syntax is the same, I cannot distinguish them in the file manager (also not possible with any attribute). Hence, it would be great to get the already mentioned information in shotcut.