Dumb question re exporting: where is Reload?

Shotcut is great until export time…sorry to ask a dumb question but I do this so rarely that I never actually learn to do it.

The FAQ has this question: I have trimmed my video and/or created my project, now how do I save or share it?
The answer is

  1. choose and click a Preset,
  2. click Reload to load the current video settings, and
  3. click Export File at the bottom of the panel.

I can do 1 and 3, but where’s Reload? I can’t find a button or menu option or anything with that name, and when I click Export File I always get mp4 which is not what my customer wants.

Help? Thanks.

Never head of ‘Reload’… Where did you get this from?
Just chose a preset, chose a format [MP4] and then hit the ‘Export file’ button.



Maybe time to edit the faq?

OK…all right that works. I thought it wasn’t working because it doesn’t prefill the extension.