Drop in by charecter text

Hello, I am a new user of this forum, but I do use ShotCut to edit my videos that I post on youtube.
I need your help!
I wanted to know if ShotCut has Drop in by character text feature ( animation when text appears one letter at time )
Note! I am not looking for typewriter style text, that’s something different.

The thing I’m looking for can be best described in this video at 1:13

I wanted to know if ShotCut has similar custom preset or HTML file available for that kind of text animation?

Some of the effects can be done with Shotcut filters and most could be done with the Text:HTML (formerly Overlay HTML) filter, but the WebVfx in Shotcut that is used to do this will be discontinued by the end of the year. See here for some nice examples of my TextFlow filter

and here for information on what o do when WebVfx is discontinued.

Thanks, will look at this.

Hi @Raivo_Alisausks - I just adapted and converted (using @elusien’s HTML/CSS generator) one of my WordSync HTML files and produced this:

The HTML file (marked “Converted”) was applied to a transparent clip on V2 with a blue colour clip on V1.

Please feel free to use it in Shotcut yourself, changing the individual letters to those you require.

Note: The text doesn’t automatically center itself, you may have to change the “left” percentage in the following line (or altermatively add a “size and position” filter to the transparent colour clip).

#container          {background:dodgerblue#;  position:absolute;  width:60%;      height:20%;     top:45%; left: 23%; }

Files you will need: (Unzip):

Wordsync DROP IN TEXT.zip (85.1 KB)

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