Drone + Macro + Shotcut 22-12

For audio problem, the rendering has been made with the last version for Win7 (2022-12).

features used:
color correction
level (gamma)
white balance (hot/cold)
size, zoom rotation
text simple
gain (audio)
transition classic
slow down or increase of speed of clips
reverse clip


Did you shoot all this footage yourself @roberto.mutti ?
If so, you did a great job. Love those drone and macro shots.

Very good editing too. Each scene is long enough to appreciate it, and short enough so we don’t get bored.

My personal taste here, but I’m not a big fan of the font you used for the titles. A bit hard to read in my opinion.

Aside from that, I really like your video :+1: :+1:

Thank you, man. The footage is mine, with a mavic mini SE, and macro with a bridge cam. Stabilization has a big rule because of high hand movements during macro. The video started as low highness drone exercise and has been completed with macro.

Funny your report for my good font… I’ll check another worse than this :wink:


Realy a great video.
My first thought was: Why does he take this unreadable font? :thinking:

of course, because my “public” never reach the end of the videos, so nobody has ever seen the end titles :sweat_smile:

I thought it at the beginning, but at the end, too. :face_with_monocle:

Ciao Roberto,

Very good stuff! This “public” saw the video until the end.
Smooth pans and and steady macros…
Humbly, may I suggest to google for “cinematic title fonts” for inspiration?
I do understand why you have chosen that font but there are other alternatives…

Grazie per il video!

thank you all.

If you want to suggest some fonts, link one of those to me.


Ciao Roberto,

I hope this helps…

they are a bit too cinematic for my idea but thank you

Beautiful video - thank you for sharing!
My only critique would also be the title font which I could hardly read.
And I would have loved to see the music title and artist mentioned in the credits.

I wonder how you did 0:48 - 1:02: The perspective moves upward constantly, but the sunlight glare steadily sits at the top of the picture. With such an upward motion I would have expected the camera to have the sun bright in its face at some point. …?

Hi, thank you for the suggestion.
About the big tree, I’ve waited the golden hour, and auto brightness. Until the foliage is in front of the camera, you get the colors, while when you get the sun, everything result in high contrast.
I don’t remember exactly, but I think I’ve used brightness filter strongly during color correction.
The vertical right instead is just another way to follow the tree and obtain the “reveal” technique.
But the reveal is at the end of the video, it’s the town.

I see - so the occasional flashes of sunbeams at the very top are leftovers of slightly incomplete backlight correction? You must have a tremendous dynamic range in brightness in your footage, if you are able to restore that much of natural colors in a heavy back-light situation, shooting straight into the sun.
And the filters did an awsome job!
I’d be curious to see these 14 seconds of the original footage, without any processing :slight_smile:

ok, check it out
low res 720
no filters

Ah - got it now. I was mistaken expecting the sun to be at a much lower position. Now I see it only shows up at 00:26, and the previous glares were just rays making it through the leaves. Thanks for providing the original!

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