Dream List of Features

I run an Open Access WebTV studio/network in Los Angeles called DromeBox.com and have been encouraging our producers to download Shotcut as their NLE. I love this tool and think it is the best NLE for ones opensource arsenal. With that said, here is a list of features I would love to see in upcoming releases:

  1. Link / Group Clips - Allow for multiple clips (Audio and Video) to be selected and grouped to allow them to be trimmed and moved together.

  2. Keyframe Events - The ability to set keyframes for effects.

  3. Batch Transcode - Some of my producers don’t have very powerful systems and having a way to batch convert H.264 to an intermediate codec like DNxHD, ProRez, Cineform for editing would be helpful.

  4. Frame / Title Safe Overlay

  5. Side-By-Side Source and Project Editor

  6. Subclip Creator - Ability to trim a clip into a meta/subclip with a new name and fixed In/Out based on the prior trim.

  7. Bins - An expansion on the playlist that lets you organize files into folders upon import.

  8. TC/Frames - Ability to toggle between TimeCode and Frames (we do a lot of VFX work and the ability to use frame count as reference is helpful)

Thank you for all of your hard work thus far and look forward to seeing this program expand in the future.

Louis Silverstein

Hi Louis,
Have you seen the roadmap? Many of those things are on the list already.

  1. Batch Transcode

You can already do that more-or-less. First, you can queue things up one-by-one. Secondly, you can drag-n-drop multiple files to the playlist and then Export > From > Each Playlist Item which will queue up every item in the playlist.

  1. Subclip Creator

This already exists more-or-less. Each playlist or timeline item is essentially a sub-clip. Except you can’t rename them. Also, there is nothing in the playlist to visually group all sub-clips of a clip. You can also save just a trimmed clip as MLT XML and then use the MLT XML as a virtual clip.

Sure, these can be expanded and improved upon - just like everything else given time and motivation.

P.S. Not only to you, but for all readers, it is better to make separate topics for each suggestion. That way as people “like” them, it can properly tally. If this topic gets liked, it is basically meaningless. Or if a bunch of replies accumulate - each with there own “I agree with point X” - it is harder to track and things get lost in noise.

Wow! Thank you for the quick response.

I had not seen the roadmap and thank you for pointing me in that direction.

Additionally, thank you for illustrating how to use the existing tool for 3 & 6. I will pass this information along to our producers and help them to understand the Shotcut workflow.

Keep up the good work!



Could you give me a rough estimate when filter keyframing will be available?

Thank you for such an amazing piece of software!


About a year ago, I told some I expected it to be available around the end of the year (2015). I cannot give reliable time estimates; it depends on motivation; this is not a job.

Thank you for the quick reply.
I understand completely.
I just found out about and am blown away by shotcut’s features, ui design… everything
and would like to switch as soon as possible, but unfortunately i need keyframing :cold_sweat:

Is there a workaround (xml) or a way to get a pre-release (when it’s implemented)?
Could a donation increase motivation ;-)?

[quote=“chris323277, post:6, topic:48”]
Could a donation increase motivation[/quote]
I was wondering the same thing. I think we might be able to get people to pool together for this.

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I’m thinking about switching to shotcut here at a local tv station.

I have actually been working on keyframes for the past few weeks. First, just mental planning of the user experience and viewing video tutorials of other tools to get input. Yesterday, I actually created a branch and starting writing some code. However, I am thinking of suspending this work for two things:

  1. Unlinked files dialog. When loading an XML, this will see if there are file paths that cannot be resolved, present them in a dialog, and help the user to repair them. I see through various comments a lot of users running into this problem, and this sore spot needs to be addressed.
  2. Media library. To address my continued motivation, I really need to catalog my photos and videos. It is not enough to attach searchable metadata with video files. I need to be able to make comments at certain points in time within the media. I have tinkered with some existing tools over the years (except the legendary CatDV, which is a rather high end option now). Got any suggestions? I am considering to make it within Shotcut by extending the Recent panel, adding markers, etc. I would really like something cross-platform. If an external tool, I would really like the ability to drag-n-drop from the tool to Shotcut.

On the #2 Media library - two projects to extract metadata:
Video/audio: https://github.com/MediaArea/MediaInfoLib
Images: http://libexif.sourceforge.net/
However there doesn’t seem to be at marker/comment in time tag option in the video containers.

Have you looked at: http://www.mediamonkey.com/

Yet another finding on a media organizing software: https://www.digitalrebellion.com/posthaste/

I’m going to back up chris323277’s question about donations. I know I am not the only one that wouldn’t have a problem with donations as long as it gets some very desired features like keyframes into Shotcut. :slight_smile:

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