Drawing a line to address a POI

Very new here, I’ve used Shotcut for a couple vid edits but did some drone video in Germany on a recent vacation. I would like to add text, which I know how to do, and is there a way to draw a line to point to an object that is being mentioned in said text? As in, text says “CASTLE” with an arrow or line drawing point to the castle? I’m trying to be as unvague as I can, please forgive me, Thanks in advance, Darin

I don’t know of any video editor capable of that, those sort of things are done in applications such as ‘After Effects’.
A work around is to use an overlay image on a new track.

Thank you Steve, I figured as much but thought I’d ask…I was thinking along the lines of drawing a picture, saving the image and somehow adding it as an overlay… will play with that idea,

A usefull tool for this is Inkscape