Draw over the video

How to I draw lines over the video?

Imagine I’m talking over a video clip and I say “look at that” and I want to draw an arrow or circle the thing in the clip that I’m referring to.

Two ways come to mind:

  1. have a second video track with a transparent-background PNG image that has a Rotate filter applied to it, like so:

  2. if you want to get really fancy with animations and such, and you’re not afraid of CSS and/or math, you can use the Overlay HTML filter to do all sorts of cool stuff, as user jonray has been posting about in threads such as this: Creating video title animations in Shotcut using the Overlay HTML filter

I used adobe animate (previously called Adobe Flash) to illustrate the animation. You can import your footage and draw on top of it in a new layer.

It also enables you to work with onion skins… which is not supported in AE. This makes animating much easier because you can ‘see’ previous frames in a semi transparent layer and draw on top of it.

Also, drawing in Adobe Animate is way smoother, responsive and natural. And it’s all vector so you can resize without any loss of quality.

When your done just export the animation to SWF and import it to AE and you’re done!

Haven’t seen any tutorials discussing this but it really saved me tons of time and headaches.

still… it’s a tedious and time consuming job. But the end result is rewarding.

my drawing tablet is xp-pen deco pro .