Draw or select an item to mask (freehand), and move like SPR filter

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A suggestion to have a more flexible mask, one that I can select the shape of something (not the definite shapes like a circle or rectangle) but maybe using the mouse to select or some kind of selection tool?, and have the ability to move it on the screen like the SPR filter?

Hi @hala123freelancer

This will be added by the developers in the next version. But you can already test it in the 22.06 RELEASE CANDIDATE version, available here

There is a video that demonstrate how it works.
I encourage you to watch the entire video, but the part about the new Mask filter starts at around 08:12

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Thank you! this is great.

You’re welcome.

I just made a very quick and crude non-edited video that shows how I use the Bezier Pen in Glaxnimate to create complex masks.