Dragging videos into timeline

Hello. I am new to Shotcut and just learning the basics. The tutorials are helpful but I seem to have run into a problem/question? I am having difficulty in dragging videos into the Timeline area on the screen. Nothing shows up. I watched the following YouTube: www.YouTube.com/watch?v=FMIE2xpATNY where color bars are shown followed by placing a video clip in that area which is then dragged to the timeline. When I open Shotcut I have New Project and Recent Projects open where the color bars are shown in the video. 'm sure there is a simple answere. Not sure where the color bars came from but if I could find out how to just place video clip(s) into that area in order to drag them to the Timeline I would be most appreciate. Thank you. Bud

It is as simple as File > Open and pick one or more videos. Or, open Explorer (assuming Windows), find your file and drag it onto the viewer area.

Thanks. Perhaps I was not clear. I can get the clip from my computer into the viewer area. The problem is that when attempting to drag that clip into the timeline area below, the timeline viewing area is not visible. I tried to enlarge(stretch) the area to make it larger but I still cannot see the clip-video or indeed any audio clip as well so that I can do all the editing I wish to do. I see the timing of the clip - but actual thumbnails of the beginning and ending are just not visible. I also tried enlarging the size of the timeline using the menu on the left by “making tracks taller” and I checked “show video thumbnails” but both had no effect. I hope that this is clear as obviously it will be difficult to do editing without seeing the entire timeline and clips. I realize this is pretty elementary but I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks again. Bud

It is not clear. You should post a screenshot. It is normal that initially Timeline does not show any tracks because it is optional (you can make clip-only and playlist-only projects). Try clicking the plus button on the timeline toolbar; drag-n-drop is not the only method.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try. Onward

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