Dragging and slipping

Sometimes while dragging a part you slip in another track, hoovering not dropping, and than Shotcut needs several seconds, up to a minute, if the part is dropped in the start track.
(I hope you can understand, what I mean…)

And more, I noticed under Linux, I had this behavior again yesterday, I changed to an open small game for the time Shotcut needs (that game catches all keyboard input and mouse (maybe important)), and that confuses the whole system, “swimming” mouse, very large delayed keyboard input, not even STRG+ESC for a chance to know which process is the root cause.

And it needed a hard power down…

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Earlybite (Linux Mint 18.1-64bit-KDE, Win-7)

No, I do not.


You have several tracks…, video and audio, e.g…
Than you cut in one track (let’s call it “Track 1”), maybe video, a piece and you want to drag it several seconds to the left/right, ok so far? And sometimes you will slip, while dragging, over another track, but only hoovering and still dragging and if you than drop that piece, still in “Track 1”<!>, Shotcut needs several seconds, up to one minute to compute.

Track 1: Dragging ->------------------------------------------------------------ -> drop
Track 2: __________slips here while dragging, but only hoovered

I can make also a video…?

And in a special case, you have an application[1], which you have activated, while Shotcut is busy, with ALT+TAB (e.g.), which takes all keyboard and mouse input, than the whole system is “running wild”, “swimming” mouse, only rare response to keyboard. I really needed to turn off the computer, else, no chance, even after several minutes of waiting.

[1] In my case, it is SDL-Ball, a BreakOut-Game coming with Linux Mint.

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EDIT — Additional ---------------------------------
If you slipped over another track and drop into the original track:
Shotcut “wents” through the CPU cores/threads…
I have a I3-6100, 2 cores, 4 threads.
Than usually Shotcuts uses “Thread-3”, “Thread-1”, “Thread-3”, “Thread-2”, at 100%.
If you have slipped over another track while dragging, you can avoid that “busy state”, if you drop the part into the track you slipped over.

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