Drag / slide a clip within its time limits+location in the timeline

Hi all,

I’d really have some use for the following feature :

I have a timeline with several clips synced with a soundtrack (they are only using a part of the whole original rush), which means their lengths+location is adequate and shall be kept as is.

However, the content of a given clip visible in the timeline is not the most adequate : I’d love to be able to to drag/slide the clip, in the timeline, within its own time bounds (start & end) so that just the content of the clip is sliding within its window.

When doing so, the timeline is never impacted, the length of all the clips in the timeline and their location in it are never impacted … I’m just adapting the part of the clip (I’m dragging) which will be visible in the project.

Is this clear ?
Anyone would use the same feature ?


This is known as a slide edit. See also slip and roll edit. These are own the road map but no ETA.

Thanks Shotcut.
I tried several keywords to try find it, and was not sure the roadmap entry meant this.
Closing this FR.

Have a good day