Drag from anywhere

I read some stuff before so keep the middle point but allow the feature of dragging anywhere in the borders to move the clip in preview. I have a hard time getting close ups because i have to use the position x and y to move it witch takes ages. i just think its would save so much time to video editors to allow this so that we don’t have to move everything by the pixel. if this can be in a future update that would be great! thanks.

If I understood your request correctly, it concerns the SPR filter.
The function already exists.
Double click on the central circle and then you can move the image from any point.

so your saying that i just have to double click it to move it instead of moving it by the center point?

No, I said:
1/ Double click on the center point
and then
2/ Click and hold anywhere in the picture to move it by dragging

I don’t know what Shotcut version you are using but on the latest version every time you pick the Size, Position and Rotate filter a dialog box appears under the player letting you know how you can have more control of the rectangle box:

So when you are zooming in make sure you use the instructions above in order to move anywhere you want.