Drag Clip from Timeline to PayList

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Potential ‘feature request’ if one hasn’t already been created which addresses the ‘same’ – I did perform an active search and did not find my request documented. There ARE requests for THE OPPOSITE order of steps to occur, not the same end result. Here’s my request:

<< The ability to take a clip, which is denoted in the Timeline by start and end marks, and drag to the Playlist (bin). The clip would then not only be stand-alone in the ‘metaphorical’ container of the Playlist but would also be physically resident on the hard drive as well (or the clip may need to be ‘exported’ – and if that ability or request for capability does not exist, then I would kindly request that support in future upgrade(s) as well. >>

Thank you very much for all your time and consideration!

This is a great product!

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For now, it is as simple as couple of keyboard shortcuts.

I understand shortcuts – shortcuts are literally just keyboard equivalents for application functions.

<< How do I get a ‘selected clip’ from my ‘Timeline’ into my ‘Playlist?’ >>

Please advise with details.



Select the clip on the timeline. Press C to copy.
Press Esc to shift focus to the Source Viewer.
Press Shift+A or the + icon to add the clip to the playlist.


It cannot go direct, a copy is made via the source player.

  1. Select Clip in timeline
  2. Click Copy Icon or press C to copy to source window
  3. Click Source tab to check its there
  4. Click Playlist tab (if needed)
  5. click the + icon at bottom of the playlist window. *Clip is now in the source player.
  • original files are unchanged - it is saving the location of the clip.
    If you want to create a real copy of the clip, then you will need to export it.

Mr. Leitch, your steps worked great!

Thank you very much ALL!



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