Drag audio onto my video so that I can use audio effects

Hello my question is how can i put my Audio on my video so that i can use then audio effects. The problem is all time when i try to put the audio on the video the video get deleted.

Hi @xAventad0r
Create an audio track (Timeline menu or Ctrl+U) and drag your audio into it.

Ty for thelp but i dont mean that. I mean can i not bring the audio and the video in one track so that i can use the audio filters on my video ?

If you mean the audio filters that are in the video filters list ( Audio Dance Visualization, Audio Light Visualization, Audio Waveform Visualization, Audio Spectrum Visualisation):
Create a new video track above your existing video, drag the audio in the new track and apply the filter.

EDIT: another way would be to do what I suggested in my previous answer and apply those filters to the Ouput

The only way I know to merge two tracks (audio and video) together is to open a separate project, put your video file on a video track, put your audio file on an audio track and export this project as a mp4 (or any other video format you like) then import this new file in your main project.

Ty for the help the tipp on the top dont works but the tipp on the bot should work.

It should work…
In the capture bellow:

  • I have a video clip with no audio on video track V1
  • I drag an mp3 (audio clip) on video track V2
  • I apply a Audio Spectrum Visualisation filter on the clip of track V2

When I hit Play, the filter works as expected.

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