Drag and Drop Video create a new track

Hi, ive been using Shotcut and i think Shotcut missing an essential feature, which is automatic add new track?

as the attached video below, you can see i want to drag and drop my second video into somewhere in Timeline, but it just replace my first video.

actually you can only do this by creating a new track first, then drag and drop your second video into the new track

but imagine if the condition like this : your 1st duration video is longer than 15 minutes and you forgot to insert the 2nd video, it even worse, the 2nd video should be in the first track.
so you have to do this :

  1. drag drop the 1st video (the long video) into timeline
  2. drag the slider to the end of the 1st video (because its a long video)
  3. drag drop the 2nd video to the end of the 1st video track (if not, Shotcut will think you want to put it between the video)
  4. drag and drop the 2nd video to the first track
  5. delete the empty space in front of the 2nd video

while, if Shotcut able to create new track automatically by dragging into empty space on the left side (the track side), it will simplify that steps:

  1. drag drop 1st video to timeline
  2. drag drop 2nd video to an empty side of track in timeline.
  3. drag and drop the new track into below or top of the previous track

in summary, please have a look at my difficulties below:

here’s the steps if you forgot to add new track at the beginning

  1. Shotcut - Insert 2 Clips.webm - Google Drive

and i think it will be an improvement if Shotcut able to detect what kind of extension of file and create a new track automatically if i drag and drop it into the left side of Timeline
2. Shotcut - add new track automatically suggestion .webm - Google Drive

thanks, hopefully it will implemented somewhere in your planning :smile:

There is a faster way to do this. Almost as fast as your suggestion:

  1. Drag Clip 1 in the Source (preview window), click the Append button in the timeline, or press M on your keyboard.
    Shotcut creates a new track and send the clip there.

  2. Drag Clip 2 in the Source and click the Append button or M
    Shotcut moves Clip 2 to the track, right after Clip 1.

  3. Done

You can of course drag Clip 1 directly to the Timeline. That will save a step.

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hi, thanks for your fast reply, and i edited my post to elaborate further my difficulties and that i need more than 1 track as my video shown.
anyways, thanks for the tips.

Changing your workflow to open all media in Source gives you immediate control where you want the clip to be placed at on the timeline.

This allows you to do the following:
CTRL + I Add Video Track
A Append (media is placed at start of the track)
B Overwrite (media is be placed on the new track where the playhead is at)

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