Drag and Drop Fails after a few Times

Hello, working on a project; I am trying to drag clips and jpg pics from the playlist into the time line. That works a few times, and then it stops working.

I have to restart the programm then it works again for a few times and so on.

Also often the size and position coordinates are corrupted after REPAIR of the file. This “REPAIR” appears to be necessary after each quitting of Shotcut.

What can I do?

Language Version German, Shotcut 17.09.04. MacOS 10.12.6 with 16GB memory

This is a known ‘feature’ which has been reported numerous times over a number of versions.
Yes, the only way is to save/close/re-open.

Like all bugs, eventually they are squashed :slight_smile:

Ok yep I found the various reports to the first issue, not to the second one…

Pls dont squasch ALL bug, as a entomologist I do like them, and they do all kind of ecosystem services for us. promote those with six and more legs, those in the code wont be missed.

Cheers nice day S_L

An alternative to drag-and-drop is to open the clips in the source viewer then use the keyboard to copy and paste, append, or overwrite into the timeline.

That seems to work and you don’t need to restart the application.

thx will try, cool work around !

That does the trick and saves some Quitting/restarting Thank you!

You’re welcome.:+1::slight_smile: