DPReview posted sample GH6 10-bit log footage

For anyone interested in trying to color grade 10-bit 4:2:2 full V-log footage from a Panasonic GH6 within Shotcut’s 8-bit pipeline, there is some sample footage posted by DPReview today:

For a fast start, here is the free official V-log to Rec.709 LUT from Panasonic:

And here is Panasonic’s library of 35 free LUTs for the VariCam family (based on V-log of course):

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In addition the GH5(s ii) also make 10 bit 4:2:2 files in several resolutions. VLog on the GH5 is a paid for option but HLG is available on this camera.

Shotcut works really well with HLG from my experience.

True, although my main interest was to see how much banding would result from grading the full V-log footage of the GH6 versus the V-log L profile from the previous GH cameras. HLG does look great, but it doesn’t require as much stretching as V-log to grade the final look. My interest was to see how far V-log could stretch in Shotcut’s 8-bit space before the image fell apart.