Downscale + upscale workflow (1080p source, 720p ouput)

Hi all,
I sometimes get source clips in 1080p, and master/edit in 720p, allowing some flexibility when editing to re-frame/zoom approx 133% without actually zooming beyond the source, more like cropping the 1080p source (hopefully).

On final output, it looks like some of the re-framed/zoomed cuts are actually zoomed/enlarged (720p * 1.33), instead of simply cropping/downscaling the 1080p source. (1080p * .88 (approx))

Am I going through a downscale + upscale loss, or is there another way I should be working, such as master in 1080p, and export in 720p, to avoid downscale + upscale if it’s happening?


Your process looks fine. Which interpolation mode is being used for export? Bilinear or bicubic? Maybe low-quality bilinear scaling is causing the effect you’re seeing.

Using lancos for export.
For my next project I’m going to master in 1080p, and export at 720p, to see if there is a difference in the few shots I re-frame/zoom.

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