Downloading older versions

Hey, I plan on using this as my video editing software because DaVinci Resolve cannot run on my i3 and 4 gigs of ram. I just want to know how exactly can i download older versions because I dont know what assets to use.

All versions can be found here:

This link is always listed here:

With that small amount of ram, you may experience problems as well. I do have a very old laptop with 3gb running Ubuntu that runs Shotcut ok. Although it takes a very long time for anything to export.

Here is the minimum specifications for Shotcut:

SD resolution is 640x480


ay, thank you bro. Thats a big help

One more question tho, do i download both windows installer and the portable zip?

The portable zip is the same program, you don’t need to install it. Easy way to have multiple versions.

Edit: While it might useful to have multiple versions, it may be best to stick with one version per project, as if you start mixing versions with the same project, you may have an undesirable result. If you are going to experiment with older/various versions, always do a “Save As” so you don’t lose your original work.


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