Downloaded videos will not play

I have downloaded 10 vhs old home movies that I am wanting to edit with Shotcut. All the videos will play with VLC. But only a few will play with Shotcut. I am very basic as you can tell. I have Windows 10. Why do a few play with Shotcut and the rest won’t? Thank you

Not enough information.

well for example, each of the videos (old vhs home movies that I had on a flash drive) have been downloaded to my computer. The Shotcut symbol is representing each video There is a screen full of the Shotcut symbols with the movie description under each symbol… So I made Shotcut as the player my computer will open to. When I double click one of those videos to play it on Shotcut so I can edit it, the Shotcut symbol pops up on the screen and then the screen connects to Shotcut and is white or in the ready position. But at this point the video will not play. There are no notices, nothing.

But what is odd is that I actually begin putting these videos on my brand new computer a couple months ago. Those videos will come right up on the Shotcut player, just like they are suppose to. So I have Shotcut installed properly. I can’t understand why or what I am doing different that the dozen or so videos I have put on the computer this past week just will not play ‘after’ Shotcut opens. It’s as if there is one thing keeping them from playing.


Please tell us what format the videos are that play and what format the videos are that don’t play.
For example, are they .avi or .mov or .mp4 and so on.
(You must have Windows folder options to display extensions enabled.)

Can I ask this…if I just forget trying to move the movies via flash drive to my new computer to ultimately edit them with shotcut…can I plug the vcr into the new computer and record the movies directly using shotcut? I know these are mind dumbing questions and I’m sorry but you are helping me. In other words can I use shotcut as a capture devise? On the old computer I was using Arcsoft Showbiz.

Steve, they all say…MPG file…every one of them

If you have a capture card you might be able to.
File>Open Other>SDI/HDMI

If not too large, can you send one [that won’t play in Shortcut] to DropBox or similar then post the download link?

I don’t think setting Shotcut as the video player for MPG files is such a good idea, as it is not intended to be a video player. Generally, I open Shotcut first, then I drag-drop the videos from their folder straight to the Shotcut playlist.
Are you sure the videos are really copied? I have already seen people who tried to open files which were only shortcuts to a file on an unplugged disc or flash drive.
First make sure your videos are really copied on your hard disc. The copy process should take a while (several minutes). If the videos are already captured and can be viewed on VLC, you needn’t doing this tedious job again…

Actually it works well as a basic media player, Dan Dennedy even says as much in the Getting Started video.

I do not like video tutorials, because they are almost 10x slower than reading (for educated old fogeys like me who learned to pick the information they are looking for in a written text and let away the rest; but I know my grandchildren don’t agree with me), and I never watched this one. Indeed, even this time I was not able to endure it to the end. I tried to reset my Windows version to its default settings, and I could “enjoy” the player, but I was not able to get a full screen display: ffplay shortcuts (left double-click and F) don’t seem to work.

To me, it is like using a sledgehammer to knock a nail. I prefer mpv or even ffplay.

What is good for one person may not be best for another.

If you can not open some videos in Shotcut that means that you don’t have the codecs installed on your computer
Easiest way to fix this is by right clicking on the video and choose >Open With … in the list of players choose Windows Media Player … the media player will ask you if you like to download and install the missing codec so he can display the video.
Once you have installed those codecs they can also be used by Shotcut.