Download would not install

Downloaded shotcut-win64-201128 80,283 KB from
It would not install on my notebook computer running Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Has anyone else had this problem?


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Hey @Kenneth_Cavanaugh
Follow this tutorial and there’s the solution to your question

And if you will to. you can definitely visit my channel and watch my videos.
Maybe yes, Subscribe.

Thank you.


Can you give more info ?
Do you get an error message when you try to install or nothing happens at all ?

I downloaded Shotcut as described in your tutorial but when I click on it to install it NOTHING happened.

Nothing Happens

Did you download the installer or portable zip? What is the name of the file that you are clicking on?

Did you install the installer or the downloader @Kenneth_Cavanaugh ?


Could you name the file you are working with in the installation.


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