Download warning: shotcut-win64-230729 could harm your device

Downloaded from FossHub and GitHub and in each case got the warning “shotcut-win64-230729 could harm your device”. Scanned the .exe file with MalwareBytes, reported ‘clean’. Internet searches for this warning phrase unsuccessful.
What is the ‘harm’ that Shotcut could do to my device ?

I use kapersky and never get any warm virus spyware of anything similar …

Thanks. I was wondering whether there might be a Shotcut author on this forum who might be able to interpret this warning message

I am the author, and I cannot tell you what the harm should be. The installer is signed, which usually prevents a message like that.

There might be some other setting on your system that causes it to show, maybe related to simply downloading something executable from the Internet. As for the potential harm of running any downloading and running any random executable, you already know about malware since you ran MalwareBytes.

Many thanks for this rapid and thorough answer. I’m still puzzled about this warning and wonder whether Windows Defender has some setting which automatically triggers it. In the meantime I’ve downloaded the portable version, which triggered no warnings, and am now up and running with the Shotcut portable version.

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