Doubt regarding the use of simple chrome in a text

Hello Team, I am a new user of shotcut, I find the software very good, but I have a doubt regarding the use of simple chrome in a text.

As you can see, I have in layer V2 a black background image with green letters, when applying simple chrome, it does not allow viewing the video that is behind the text.

Have I made a mistake? Or am I simply facing a bug?

I send you the capture as images for your help

Thanks in advance

Chroma Key: Simple on top.

As you would say, interesting…, if I record a video with the image with green letters that I showed you in the previous post and then experiment again with simple chrome, it works…

I enclose the capture, you have to check what is happening with the code in version 22.04.25

Thanks , it was my mistake

No problem.

Also make sure that V2 is set to Over (default) for Blend Mode.
I was able to duplicate your image with setting to None.

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