Done with Shotcut! What to improve?

Hi guys,
I’m using Shotcut for all my films mostly because it’s free of charge and available under Linux. Additionally I wanted to have 4k software even if now I’m not using that, perhaps in future. I’m focusing a lot on films quality and cool tricks even if being beginner in film making the results for sure could be better. Is there any chance that someone with rich shotcut experience could look on my videos and give me some advices what could be improved? or what tricks or effects could I use to make my videos more eye catching. Here there is my last video however there are few more on my channel, thus please feel free to select any which seems to be interesting for you. I would be very grateful for all technical remarks. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Hmm - hard to say what could be improved technically, its more a question of personal liking i would say. First of all this flickering screen at the beginning is very annoying and irritates the eye, i would replace it by a more gentle noise. Your voice is very calm and nice to follow but you could think of speeding up everything just a tiny bit.
Just my 2 c :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for commenting. This flickering screen is the genuine Atari loading software screen in turbo mode. Hmm so I have impression it’s not rather the question of changing it (all were similar despite some small differences depending on turbo system, sometimes depending on game also) but rather if to use it or not. Your comment encourages me not to use it in next films (perhaps with the exception of one film I have highly advanced in edition where I used it again but in future I will not add it). As I’m used to Atari for me it’s something very normal but I haven’t thought it might be irritating to some guys. Thanks for saying that.

Yeah with voice I know that many people complain a bit. :stuck_out_tongue: The question is how to improve it… :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps I should put a bit more of “energy and life” in that, is that what you mean? :wink:

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You are welcome! I didn’t know the flickering screen is genuine Atari - its long time ago. My first computer was an Apple II, i never had an Atari as far as i can remember :slight_smile:
Your voice is nice and calm and good speed to follow - it just could be a little more speed up imho :slight_smile: - but thats more individual feeling i think. Its quite o.k. as it is overall :slight_smile:

I’ve never had Apple at home at that time. I used it once at some international meeting. I remember it “ate” floppy disk and it didn’t want to eject. :stuck_out_tongue: I remember that many people pretended that Apple had very user friendly interface. However for me moving floppy disk icon to trash icon was rather like formatting and not ejecting. Thus I was looking for some other option and had troubles to find it he he. :slight_smile: It was funny story.

Thanks for nice words. :slight_smile: I will consider speeding up a bit but it might be a bit challenging as it’s quite individual as you are writing. :slight_smile:

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