Doing a simple insert (or cutaway) edit

I have recently loaded Shortcut as my version of Premiere Pro is now too old to work with some newer media. My initial impression is it is amazingly good for free software but I have been baffled at how to do a very basic edit. This is so simple that I feel sure there is an easy way. Imagine, someone is talking and refers to a picture so you want to cut to the picture. On Premiere Pro at the in point I would press “I” to mark the in and when the speaker turns back to camera press “O” for the out. The clip would then easily drop into the right slot. If there was an out edit already on the insert clip the system would ask which out (timeline or clip) I wanted to use. I quickly discovered doing this in Shortcut is a bit disastrous so I assume I have to use markers. So I press “M” for the in then “M” again for the out. Incidentally I notice that one can extend a marker using control drag, this must be useful for something but I have no idea what. So it appears I have to place the timeline play-head at the first marker for the in to work but I cannot see how I tell it where my out should be. If I just drop the clip in it may well be very long and overwrite a later edit on my timeline so the only solution I can see is intentionally give the inserted clip an out point far too short then, after inserting it, drag it to the second marker. Surly there is a simpler way of doing such a common edit?

Split and Replace

Fantastic, that solves it. Many thanks.

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