Dogs color vision LTU

I’m new to this forum, and I’m olso new to the video editing world.
Among the many things I would like to do there is one that I can not find any guide to refer to.
It is possible to modify (filter) the colors in order to create a video with the colors seen by the dog.
i want this preset or LTU.
Please, if someone has this preset or LTU, send it to my email.

This topic would help you.

Also, it’s better to remove your email address, rather ask the users to just pm, this forum has that functionality.

I know about one lut, not free, like it goes above 70$, I would not pay that much for a lut. And the website is a little shady.

However, try to find deuteranopia luts, it’s a type of blindness, that has similar vision to a dog. You could get them for free.

Your post seems a little suspicious as you have already copied text from the linked post :face_with_monocle: