Does the timeline panel only dock in specific places?

I’m currently stuck using only a 21x9 ultrawide screen and I want to use the screen area a bit better with a side-by-side layout with the video as big as possible on one side but I can’t seem to dock the timeline into the left half of the screen (exactly over the keyframes in my screenshare), it seems the only accepted areas are entire screen at the bottom or just above the main video area (or just floating around):

Playing around with the keyframes panel it seems it can go pretty much everywhere:

How can I dock it where I want?

(this was recorded on the latest beta but previous versions behave the same)

The TimelineDock is currently only allowed in the “Bottom” and “Top” areas. I think the reasoning is that the timeline dock would need the width that is typically not available in the “left” and “right” areas. But maybe your use case is an exception to that.

I guess I see the intended idea but considering I can also dock panels next to it to squeeze it as much as I want and completely ignore the theoretical limit:

it seems it only has the uninteded consequence to limit the main video area height.

For the next release I have changed it so that the timeline can be docked anywhere.

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Awesome, thank you!

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